Below you will find testimonials from patients who have studied AIS with James.

Woman with rheumatoid arthritis

“I wish I had this course information years ago. My arthritis and general flexibility are greatly improved after three weeks!”
–Woman with rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years.

Thomas Powers

“You are by far the most impressive sport/ rehab/therapist I have ever run into in my 30 years of being an athlete.
I had severe plantar fascitis for almost three years. Up to that point, I sought treatment from just about everybody including physical therapist (using electrical stimulation and exercises), podiatrists (using electrical stimulation and exercises), podiatrists (with multiple painful cortisone shots and night splints), acupuncturists, and massage therapists. I even had someone recommend having a tendon surgically cut from the bottom of my foot to relieve the pain (which fortunately, I never considered).
All these treatments were expensive and only gave me little comfort. When I met you, you matter-of-factly told me that you should be able to take care of this in one session, which I quite frankly did not believe. Well, I am a believer now. When I got off the therapy table, my condition had completely disappeared and has not been a problem ever since. I think what you do is truly unique and cutting edge, and I would refer you to anyone with any kind of muscular skeletal issues. You are amazing.Again, thank you for what you have done for me and God bless you.”
— Thomas Powers, Rockville, Maryland

Helen Claire

“I first went to James Graffenberg with a multitude of woes: scoliosis under the right shoulder, hip pain, severe arthritis is the right ankle and both lower thumbs.  I had worn a brace for my back,  used a cane for support, and leaned forward and shuffled when walking.  The first session, James worked on my leg, with the result that the right turnout was turned straight forward and my foot lifted off the ground when I walked.  The second session James worked on my back,  and the hump under my shoulders disappeared and my arms and hands hung by my sides instead of forward from my body.  I also had strength in my lower back to be able to stand totally upright.  The third session, James worked on straightening my fingers and also separated my toes so that bunions which had formed over the years of walking so incorrectly were balanced by toes reaching forward.  It turns out that most operations I have undergone were unnecessary, and James could have righted the problems before they became chronic and debilitating. I have no hesitation in fully recommending James for any physical difficulties you may be experiencing – especially as he will tell you immediately if he cannot be of use.”
— Helen Claire,  Washington, DC

Louis Weil

“After fracturing my elbow over the summer, I was unsure of whether I was ever going to regain my range of motion.  I had reconstructive surgery in order to help the humerus heal correctly, and to set the ulna back into its position leading up to the elbow.  I had seriously broken my elbow, and movement was not possible for more than a month after surgery.  I attended a few weeks of physical therapy where, slowly and painfully, I was able to get some movement out of my elbow.  I worked with it, but it remained a little stiff.  Towards the end of my physical therapy, I paid a visit to Dr. Graffenberg.  His thorough and progressive stretching of my arm, shoulders, elbow, and back helped me to loosen up all of my muscles and make my elbow feel like it was back to normal.  My elbow’s condition was certainly helped by Mr. Graffenberg’s work, because afterwards, I was almost able to fully extend my arm, as I had not been able to do for several months.”
–Louis Weil, Silver Spring, MD

Carole M.

“On May 23, 2006 , I experienced an avulsion fracture on the left fibula. After hobbling around for five weeks with an aircast, my doctor said I was ready for physical therapy. In the Life Pages directory, I located James Graffenberg’s web site and learned more about the AIS treatments that he has been specifically trained to do by Aaron Mattes. AIS sounded very good, and I made an appointment. I had a two and a half hour session and consider the results absolutely remarkable. My body remembers now what it feels like to move normally and not out of kilter. Going down stairs is no longer a major issue. Even walking carefully on the uneven ground in my garden is possible again. I am pretty much back up to speed, and the spring in my step is back!! The aircast now resides in the back of my closet. James also sends you home with exercises to continue the healing process.”
— Carole M., Bethesda MD

Robin P.

“I have had over 30 years of problems with my spine, but it was not until now that I have felt that I am making the progress that I have always needed. Thanks to James and his work with me, I now have more flexibility and the chronic pain which I have endured has diminished significantly.
My treatment in the past has included chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, several back surgeries and other treatments over this 30 year period. However, no treatment has been able to give me both the relief and ability to move in any way that matches the technique of active isolated stretching that I have received from James. It has truly made a huge impact on my life that I have been needing since I first injured my spine.”
— Robin P., Rockville, MD

Allison S.

“Prior to seeing James Graffenberg I had begun to wonder if, and when, I would feel comfortable again doing daily activities such as ironing, driving, and exercising.  My lower back pain was such that these activities had become difficult, and I came to the realization that traditional physical therapy was not helping me enough!
James Graffenberg has helped me tremendously!  He has utilized Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), massage, and soft-tissue release techniques to improve my range of motion and alleviate my back pain — A comprehensive approach that makes sense!  Not only do I feel better now that I have been seeing James, but I have become informed as to the role AIS plays in achieving and maintaining healthy body mechanics.
James has the knowledge, experience, and determination to help alleviate your pains caused by physical injuries, stress, or abnormalities.  He takes a gentle yet progressive approach in his work, listens to your concerns, and actually enjoys answering your questions!

I sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of working with James Graffenberg!

Tim Weil

“Your “Stretching the World” program has brought me health benefits I would never have achieved on my own time. Years of adult athletics (sports, weights, martial arts, etc.) have left me “bent out of shape” with chronic low-back pain that has disabled me in past years for weeks at a time.
Since trying the Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) techniques which I learned from you in 2 or 3 sessions, I’ve been able to develop a limbering routine which I use several times each week. My Tai Chi practice has been greatly improved and I’m still playing 2 seasons of Adult Baseball each year.
The bottom line — I’m feeling great thanks to the AIS program.”
— Tim Weil, Silver Spring, MD

Frank Joseph

“The first time I visited James Graffenberg 8 or 10 years ago, I was in such severe low back pain I could barely walk. James said, ‘I think I can fix this in about three sessions.’ He fixed it in two. James has “fixed” nearly every subsequent episode of low-back pain I’ve brought to him. (The one exception was when I basically exploded a disk lifting weights and required back surgery.) Following the back surgery, I suffered peripheral neuropathy in my left leg that made it painful to walk or even stand still. I went to two doctors — the surgeon who had done my back, and my family physician — who both said the same thing: ‘Surgery won’t fix this, if you are lucky it will go away by itself, but if not you’ll just have to live with it.’ Again, James was more optimistic and again, James was right. It took 8-10 sessions, but as I write these words the neuropathy has 95% disappeared. I am a 66-year-old male in good physical condition; I play singles tennis, ski and lift weights. I want to continue this lifestyle into my 80s and hopefully beyond. With James’s continued assistance, I see no reason why I can’t”

— Frank S. Joseph, Chevy Chase, MD