Information on the Vitruvian Man

When I first experienced the pleasure of viewing The Vitruvian Man, I felt a profound resonance within. The more I see it, the more comfortable I become with it. To me, The Vitruvian Man represents not only Man’s Movement, Proportion, Balance, and Poetry, but Man’s inseparable connection of Body, Mind, and Spirit. If we do not Stretch, We shrink; if we Stretch, We Grow in all Directions. If we think of movement, we should not only think in terms of flexion, extension, and rotation, but include other dimensions such as energy, traction, lightness, freedom, electromagnetic and piezoelectric force, and spiraling. We still live in The Time of Renaissance. Art and Science are converging in a way as never before.   Awakening to the Light of Love and Knowledge drives us forward to Truth… which no person may escape.

The Vitruvian Man is a world-renowned drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, recorded in one of his journals around the year 1487. Simultaneously inscribed in a circle and a square is the nude male figure. Leonardo based his drawing on some hints at correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry. The image exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance. By examination, the combination of arm and leg positions creates sixteen different poses, which are basic to the repertoire of human movement.