Stretching the World, One Muscle at a Time


Welcome to freedom from acute and chronic pain! Have you experienced failed surgeries? Have you been to countless doctors, physical therapists, and other types of therapists for injuries without success? Do you want to enhance your athletic performance? Do you want more flexibility (greater range of motion)? It’s time for a change. Try Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)! It is the principle modality used to successfully correct most muscular and neurological diseases and injuries. This safe, non-invasive technique will eliminate pain, resolve injuries, and improve flexibility faster than any single therapy you have ever experienced. Injuires frequently can be resolved in only a few sessions rather than weeks or months. Schedule a session today to see how AIS can change your life. Call James Graffenberg, LMT, CPT, at 301-466-9728.

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    • Active Isolated Stretching
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    • Soft Tissue Release
    • Myofascial Release
    • Russian Neuromuscular Re-education


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